The summer heat of southern Spain as expressed through crossprocessed slide film

July 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 Crossprocessing occurs when one develops slide film using C-41 print film chemicals.  The resulting negatives produce prints that exhibit crazy contrast and color balance.    The following is a result of crossprocessing a recently discovered roll of film, Kodak Elitechrome 100, which had been loaded in my camera for a few years.  Unfortunately, this film was discontinued at the end of 2011 - so it doesn't really matter now whether or not I like it.  According to the ebook Film, pretty much the only reason why someone would shoot slide film these days is for the purpose of crossprocessing since no one has slide shows anymore.  When I shipped my Elitechrome off to the lab, I elected to process it this way since this is probably the last time I would be playing with slide film for awhile as it is a bit more pricey.   To my pleasant surprise, the crossprocessing enhanced my memory of this sweat drenched trip to the southern Spanish villages of Moron de la Frontera and Zahara creating a feeling of sun bleached oppressive heat.  I was deployed with the Air Force to Moron Air Base (which interestingly is blurred out on Google Maps) near the city of Seville and these shots were made on one of my days off.  



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