RocketHorse | Street Photography - April 2015

Street Photography - April 2015

May 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After an inspirational class at B&H's Event Space the other day by Keith Goldstein, I've decided to try my hand at an afternoon of street photography.  This will most likely turn into an on going project on this blog.  There is no profit motive to this work - I just want to document the human condition as it appears when I take these photos.  I think many years in the future, it'll be interesting to review these images to see how the world has moved on.  Also, this will serve as an exercise for me in quick shooting:  composition, camera settings, and capturing interesting gestures.  Although not directly related to what I shoot for income, I figure anything new that I try will only make me better at this craft and keep my brain young and agile.


7 Train Commuters.

Wedding Photography, Grand Central.

Generational Differences.

Man plays erhu.

Woman watches man watch corroded girder in Grand Central Terminal.




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